A Friend Of Nature

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What would we do without them.

My own mum, as I’ve mentioned before is 90 on Mother’s Day. She doesn’t use social media but I know that if she did she’d totally support me.
I’m in the very lucky position that my partner’s mum is on social media, shares lots of what I do, and is really supportive.

Regarding what makes her happy: “What makes me happy?
Life has its ups and downs, and is not always smooth.
Being an early riser, I find such pleasure in hearing the first birds song of the day.
A thing of beauty!

To see a blue sky and feel the sun on my face, makes me feel happy and positive. So too, a walk in the rain with the dogs.
No drama just calm.”

I love all of those especially the no drama bit. Some people thrive on it, but it’s not for me.

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