A Friend Of Nature

constitution of man grey sweater


What would we do without them.

My own mum, as I’ve mentioned before is 90 on Mother’s Day. She doesn’t use social media but I know that if she did she’d totally support me.
I’m in the very lucky position that my partner’s mum is on social media, shares lots of what I do, and is really supportive.

Regarding what makes her happy: “What makes me happy?
Life has its ups and downs, and is not always smooth.
Being an early riser, I find such pleasure in hearing the first birds song of the day.
A thing of beauty!

To see a blue sky and feel the sun on my face, makes me feel happy and positive. So too, a walk in the rain with the dogs.
No drama just calm.”

I love all of those especially the no drama bit. Some people thrive on it, but it’s not for me.

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