Kindred Spirit's

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This is Dani.

Dani and I met several years ago when we both studied for a qualification in Arts for Health and Wellbeing.

We both discovered that we had done the same degree in Embroidered Textiles at MMU but years apart. It is the most random degree to study ever, so there was an instant synergy. She’s an amazing artist and a definite kindred spirit (she bought me the gorgeous bottle from Vinegar and Brown Paper ) who has encouraged and supported me.

She’s bought a couple of things from me but here she is wearing the slashed neck sweatshirt (completely customisable).
Here’s what she said when I questioned her :

"Quiet Thunder asked me 'what grounds me and makes me happy," .

To be perfectly honest with you, I don't seek happiness at all now. I think it's too fleeting, insubstantial and, sometimes, deceptive. Instead I look for authenticity which, for me, means being honest with myself and fully self aware.

Reading about Carl Jung's theory of 'shadow selves' and the unconscious parts has been truly revelatory. Being able to move to a place where I can be aware and accepting of my whole self. This means the darkness and the light. In this way, being authentic and honouring what I need most. 

Once you're in touch with your inner core, you can begin to spend time doing the things that ground, satisfy and fulfil you. In fact, once you begin to listen to the inner voices it becomes impossible to ignore them! I've been exploring film making and writing. Pushing myself to accept new challenges, move past the inevitable fear and imposter syndrome, and 'be creative' certainly keeps me grounded and content during life's frequent challenges." 

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