Actions "Speak"

 Here is my friend Anna wearing our organic cotton v neck. She asked especially for the text (contact me for any special requests).

On coping with life in the 21st Century she says: “Whilst I would never tell anyone how to live their life, as I’ve got older I’ve learned these things work for me helping me live better and healthier in mind and body. So here’s my letter to myself,

Dear Anna

to enable you to be happy in yourself and with yourself…be good company.
Listen to people.

If you are unsure about something seek out someone whose opinion you value, reflect on it, then use it accordingly. If someone or something is treating you badly or hurting you, try and find out why, work out a solution…..if it continues take yourself out of it… clearly isn’t doing anyone any good.

Be principled, gently but firmly, and appreciate others rights to differences in opinion. What is your truth is not theirs. Remember all things are not necessarily what they seem, people can put a spin on things, you have not walked in their shoes, that is the only reality.

If someone you love is being treated unjustly, be loyal and brave, stick your neck out, with kindness but with strength.

Dance for pleasure, run, swim, walk for fun and enjoyment….someone will always be faster, fitter or richer than you so celebrate their successes and be content with your own. Choose your personal challenges and goals with care and for yourself and with self knowledge. 

Read every day….it takes you to other lives and worlds bringing with it the gift of empathy. Use the power of words to impact upon your actions because ……ultimately……Actions speak louder than words.”

Which is exactly what she wanted on her tee shirt!

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