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Thank you to the very lovely @melaniejadedesigns for wearing a Quiet Thunder organic cotton tee shirt and posting about Quiet Thunder. I love what she has written about ‘INSTAcurity’

It’s amazing to have the support of someone who has so many followers and is so highly regarded amongst the Instagram community. Thanks for the intro @relovedmcr.

Here is what Melanie feels about #instacurity :

I" think we all suffer from this in some way or other don’t we? We’re constantly in awe of other people’s feeds and wonder how do they keep their house so tidy (probably THE most question I get asked, it’s not tidy, I promise you).

Afford all the latest fashions? Get invited to all the events?? When all I can manage is getting the kids to school on time, wearing an old pair of joggers and putting the hoover round once a week if I’m lucky.

But I think my biggest Instagram insecurity is showing my face on here. I’ve never really been photogenic, I rarely show my face on Facebook in front of all my friends who have obviously seen my face, let alone strangers on Instagram.

This is why I continue to hide behind pictures of my house because out of the two of us, it’s definitely the prettier one! But, I love this T-shirt which Suzie from Quiet Thunder kindly gifted to me and I didn’t want it hidden away in my stories. I originally saw Sarah from @relovedmcr wearing one and loved it immediately.

Suzie produces ethically and organically made T-shirt’s and accessories with 10% of all sales going to @mindcharity Anyway, I best get over my irrational fear of having my photo taken because tomorrow I’m doing a photo shoot for a magazine!  Preparing the house was no problem, what to wear is an entirely different matter! " 

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