Here is my very clever friend Sarah from @relovedmcr wearing a tee shirt designed especially for her.

INSTAcurity do you have it??
I’m not flipping surprised - I have on occasion.

It is important to always remind yourself that people choose what they want you to see.

I love those who keep it real 🙌🏼 What makes Sarah happy? “Being happy is not something I ever take for granted. It can be stolen from you in a flash, so when you feel it, be mindful. It's everything isn't it?

The love of my kind and loyal partner, our children and my friends make me most happy! I'm incredibly blessed. 

That aside, the luxury of being self employed, of being the master of my own destiny and never having to answer to anyone apart from myself.

That makes me feel very privileged and fortunate, as if all the hard work and tenacity over the years has finally paid off.

I value my professional freedom much more highly than money or material things. Freedom, now that's the holy grail to happiness for me.”

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