Speed Queen

Definitely part of the ‘Thunder’ range. Leah is wearing our ‘Full Throttle’ design ⚡️

10% of all Quiet Thunder Sales go to the mental health charity Mind and I’m asking people who wear them to share how they cope with living life in the 21st Century.

Here are Leah’s thoughts:

“My answer to how to cope with life: it really is as they say ‘do what makes you happy’. For me it’s simple things like walking my dogs, but not just any walk, I love being around water, so the local reservoir for me helps to clear my mind of troubles and knowing that my fur friends are having fun makes me happy too.

Finding a hobby as fierce as dragracing really is the one for me that blasts anything out my mind, and that is because nothing else matters when I’m in the “zone” - total concentration is needed for this hobbie. Like any challenging hobbies, it could be playing an instrument, painting, or playing a sport, any hobby that requires total concentration helps to deal with life struggles which can take over the mind. I truly believe clearing the mind and taking the focus onto something else is what helps you learn nothing really matters and there’s so much more to life than worries.

Doing what you love makes you happy and helps to get through life, that’s what it’s all about really, having fun! 😊 

Have fun Leah and go full throttle in your comp! Wishing you the very best of luck x

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